Vera’s artistic face painting designs come from her experience and extended history in various fine art forms and will bring a magic and fun to your next event. She provides professional and creative service while using only high quality face paints that are FDA approved and safe.


Work with children of all ages at any sized event.


Custom face and body designs for dress up and themed events.


Creates both two and three dimensional artworks with various mediums.


  • Vera Fustic

    Vera Fustic was born and raised in a small picturesque town in Serbia, a province of former Yugoslavia. From her childhood she developed a deep love and respect for art and nature. She is a self-taught artist whose work is influenced by the masterpieces of Byzantium art, French Impressionism and German Expressionism.

    After moving to Canada in 1997 she lived in Calgary before moving to Fort McMurray in 2001.Vera is an active member of the local arts community where she often donates her time and her artwork for a number of local charities.

  • Vera Fustic

    Her creative expression is represented in several mediums: watercolor and acrylic paintings, ceramics, pottery, drawing and face painting. She enjoys experimenting with different media, objects and materials but she holds a special place in her hart for the motives from her Slavic cultural heritage. Her eclectic and mystical paintings are seen as her spiritual exile from the modern world.

    Vera has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Serbia and Alberta.

  • Artist statement:

    "My art is my window to the spiritual world. In my art work I try to capture the look and the feeling of the world that lives in my memory. I use a pallet of rich, velvety colors in order to search for something that I call nostalgic longing for harmony, beauty and serenity."

    - Vera Fustic, Artist

“Vera Fustic's art is peaceful, harmonious and life affirming. It is visual connection to her rich heritage and precious childhood.”

“Her works are influenced by the timeless beauty of Byzantium arts and holy sanctuaries. They are seen as metaphors for love, harmony and peace. As Vera puts it, ‘the act of painting is like a prayer’. She hopes that our prayers and actions shall combine to assure the sanctity of our global sanctuary.“

Carol Breen, Artist